Around the OEGlobal World

I’m starting something new here and I did not even ask permission!

As a part of our interest in sharing more of what OEGlobal members are doing I (Alan Levine aka @cogdog) am taking on the challenge of traveling around the open education world (well through a web browser) to research what we can find of interest. Rabbit holing and serendipitous web link following is my passion as well as sharing discoveries.

This is less of formal project announcements and what our community shares in our events, and more of my own arm chair interest in web exploring. This is what can one find by traveling amongst the outputs of the OEGlobal community, just by wandering the open web networks (maybe with some guidance).

I do take suggestions! If know of a project, effort, interesting development, news site, going on that we should travel to, please send them our way via the cross posting of this (and future travels) in The Spotlight Area of OEG Connect. Follow all the OEGlobal World posts at

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Featured Image: Miniature travelers standing on camera with globe in the background flickr photo by wuestenigel shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license