The OEG News and Updates are spontaneous announcements that may be of interest to the open education community.

OER20: FemEdTech Quilt of Care and Justice

FemEdTech launched a collaborative project in 2019 to create a Quilt of Care and Justice to be displayed at the OER20 Conference in April 2020.

In response to the call for participation, OEG’s Executive Director, Paul Stacey created a square for the quilt titled, BIG HEART. The BIG HEART is so appropriate given our current circumstances of isolation, working from home, and social distancing. The BIG HEART is representative of the global connection and collaboration even during these uncertain times.

The main fabric that makes up the BIG HEART is cut from an organic cotton bag from a store, Maiwa, in Vancouver Canada, Paul’s hometown. In Cantonese and Mandarin, Maiwa is a word used to name the language through which art speaks. Maiwa: beautiful language. The fabric is organic cotton dyed in traditional block printing techniques. The rich, dark blue color and the way the flowers weave their way through it each with a small bloom of orange illumination, are like stars in an inky night. The fabric is double sided like a duvet cover; a cocoon where one could nestle and feel safe. Pinned to the centre of the fabric is a big red heart, velvety and trimmed with gold thread. “The work of FemEdTech requires a big heart and I give heartfelt thanks to all who are engaged in it. I hope the FemEdTech quilt inspires the hearts of others. Thank you for letting me be a part of it,” said Paul.

Contributions from others around the world will complete the finished quilt. Frances Bell gave a deeply moving talk about the creation of this quilt and shared a video about its creation at the OER20 conference. OEG gives warm congratulations to everyone involved in the creation of the quilt and to the organizers of OER20 conference for converting the event from in person to online so successfully in such a short period of time. We are awed and honored to be part of these wonderful examples of care in openness.

We Are All In This Together: Building a Strong Open Community

We are all now working from home, creating workplaces, devising new daily routines and struggling to make sense of a world dramatically disrupted. Maybe you have questions about working from home, or how to teach online using open education. Maybe you want to connect with other educators in a similar situation as you. Maybe you […]

Open Education Global Extends Condolences

The Open Education Global (OEG) is saddened to hear of the sudden loss of Secretary General José María Antón of Virtual Educa. All of us here at OEG mourn the passing and unite in honoring his exemplary leadership. We fully appreciate the Secretary General José María Antón’s inspiring leadership in open education. As we reflect […]

#OEWeek 2020 Recap

Thank you to everyone that helped make the 2020 Open Education Week a success! We hope that you found Open Education Week informative, worthwhile, and fun. While the primary goal of the week is to bring global awareness of open education, leaders, professionals, and friends from around the world came together in an open dialogue […]

Social & Emotional Well-Being Support Series

Open Education Global (OEG) is providing an open education social & emotional well-being support series. Social support helps buffer the effects of adverse events and stressful life circumstances. The physical isolation and social distance measures required to contain spread of the COVID-19 virus adversely affect our social and emotional well being. To help counter those […]

OEG Board Nominations are Open for 2020 – 2022 Positions

Open Education Global (OEG) is seeking nominees for the organization’s board of directors – both self-nominations and nominations of your colleagues are enthusiastically welcomed. Nominees must be members of OE Global. Being a board member gives you the opportunity to expand your professional network and provide strategic input into development of open education globally. OEG […]

We have changed our name: Open Education Consortium is now OPEN EDUCATION GLOBAL

We are excited to announce important news regarding the evolution of the Open Education Consortium; we have changed our name to Open Education Global. In communication, we sometimes shorten this to OE Global or use the acronym OEG. Along with this name change, we have a new URL: This name change strengthens our role in […]

OE Global 2021 & 2022 Conference Location Proposal

Thank you for your interest in hosting the Open Education Global Conference. Planning a global conference is a long and intensive process, and thus applications for hosting are taken well in advance. The Open Education Global Conference is the annual opportunity for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and educators to deeply explore open education and its […]

OEG Announces a New Board Member

The Open Education Global is pleased to announce the addition of a new board member, Catherine M. Casserly.  The Board of Directors of the Open Education Global provides strategic direction and fiscal oversight to the organization and is composed of elected representatives from member institutions and organizations. As founder and president of Casserly Consulting & Coaching, […]