Building Communities

OE Global believes that strong communities are essential to ensure that Open Education not only grows but thrives. It provides global and regional support by creating forums for specific contexts.

The development and support of open educators worldwide are critical to the sustainable global expansion of open education. Open Education Global’s role as an open education steward is to facilitate and connect open education players across the ecosystem. We foster knowledge exchange by connecting open education novices to experts. We advance sustainable systemic change and open policies by connecting grassroots practitioners to decision-makers. We amplify impact by connecting with other international organizations engaged in open education work.
We connect local open education efforts to global ones.

The guiding document behind OE Global’s activities is the Strategic Plan 2021-2030. Building communities around shared goals and challenges, knowledge exchange, and showcasing solutions is part of that mission.

Global Community

On a global level, supporting and growing the community of people interested in and actively advancing open education is vital. OEG Connect provides a safe space to discuss, ask and share ideas and experiences. OEG Voices have been developed to inspire the global community by learning from those working deep within it. OEG Live is another forum to discuss hot topics and showcase alternative practices and solutions.

OEGlobal Connect

OEGlobal Connect is a discussion space for the global open education community to chat, share, collaborate, and navigate the many and varied subjects related to Open Education.

OEGlobal Voices

The OEGlobal Voices podcast features conversations with open education innovators and leaders. Each episode aims to inspire the global community with the experiences of others.

OEGlobal Live

OEGlobal Live is a regular series of candid, open conversations hosted by Alan Levine. Guests are the many extraordinary open educators who discuss their work and open solutions.

Regional Communities

While there is much in common about open education globally, there are also regional differences. Language, culture, education systems, and priorities differ. The forms of open education and the ways it is implemented vary. Initial adoptions are often very local, and as use matures, synergies and opportunities for collaboration and partnership often start within a specific region broadening to include others gradually.

In recognition, OE Global operates regional nodes that provide a local forum for supporting open education in a specific region. Currently, OE Global has two regional nodes. Additional regional nodes are planned and built out in response to and in consultation with members in different regions of the world.

To find out more and participate in these regional nodes, visit:

LATAM Regional Node

The LATAM Regional node is an OE Global regional node that supports open education across nine countries of Latin America. It gathers the experts that lead open education in the region. Each expert has extensive experience in the field and practices open education according to the particular needs of their environment.

The Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER)

The Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) is an OE Global regional node primarily focused on supporting the adoption and use of open educational policies, practices, and resources by community colleges across the USA and Canada.

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