Dr Dawne Irving-Bell

Dawne Irving-Bell, Ph.D. is a Reader in Teaching and Learning at Edge Hill University, UK. Dawne is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, holds a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence and received a National Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Teacher Education.

With a passion for visual-thinking and technology education, she established ‘The National Teaching Repository’ enabling peer-to-peer support in Learning and Teaching. Dawne is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Social-Media for Learning, and through her work within the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) is committed to raise the profile of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


The National Teaching Repository (NTR) An OER with Proven Reach & Impact across the Global Higher Education Community.

The NTR is a space where scholars disseminate their learning & teaching pedagogical research and resources. The repository enables OER publication in multiple formats. Altmetric data secures evidence of impact. The DOI & citation ensure full acknowledgement of work can be given. Twitter: https://twitter.com/NTRepository Discover: https://figshare.edgehill.ac.uk/The_National_Teaching_Repository Share: https://figshare.edgehill.ac.uk/submit (Select NTR)

The National Teaching Repository (NTR)

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The National Teaching Repository (NTR)

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