Micah Followay

I’ve been a Librarian for over ten years starting in the public library receiving promotions up to Assistant Branch Manager of a community library. In 2021. I applied for the Reference and Instruction Librarian position at Campbellsville University and accepted the position October of the year. Although most of my duties consist of providing services for students and faculty/staff on campus, my director requested I begin learning about Open Education Resources and Open Access Resources.

During the past three months, I’ve become involved as a member of the Creative Commons Fall 2022 cohort. In this cohort we discuss and participate the discussion of the Commons and applications towards open education / open access resources. Coincidentally, I was part of a group through the Appalachian College Association discussing open education resources and completing various assignments. The topic of open education and open access resources still is relatively a new subject to me as the public library didn’t emphasis on the subject. However, becoming involved with other professional including Open Education Global, I will make every effort to improve student success, making education materials more affordable, improve quality, and encourage open pedagogy.
Most recently, the Education department on campus inquired about getting access to a specific journal unfortunately, we did not have the journal and had insufficient funds to purchase. However, I collaborated with various faculty in the program research open education textbooks for them to use during instruction on classroom management and leadership. Through this continuous collaboration, we use the 5 R of Open Education Resources tailored to different classes and upper-level degrees.


Collaborated with numerous faculty from the Education Department finding open education textbooks on classroom management. There was a specific journal an instructor requested but did not have access because it was not in our database package and not enough money in budge to purchase.