Agustina Huertas Rehermann

OELATAM Curator and Report Writer

Montevideo, Uruguay

Agustina has a bachelor’s degree in Communications, specialized in research and Critical Discourse Analysis. Has worked in digital and open education programs, at the public university of Uruguay (Universidad de la República de Uruguay-UdelaR), for three years now. In this area, has contributed to the production of Open Educational Resources, the dictation of courses of specialization in online teaching and assessment practices, dissemination of practices and initiatives and support in research and projects.

Agustina has collaborated in research on the state of the art of policies and educational initiatives on digital education in Uruguay, and about the adoption of OER in higher education during the recent pandemic. Participates in research programs of the UdelaR about discourse and human rights on social media, and about the development of gender identity in digital environments with universities of Spain and México.