María Angélica Martínez Médina

OELATAM Tutorial Developer

La Paz, Mexico

Maria Angelica pursued a PHD studies on Education, a Master on IT Management and different Certifications. I am co-founder of LEA Laboratorio Educativo Abierto (Open Education Laboratory), I was Director of area Technical-Academic and co-founder of a Job Training Institute (training, updating and professionalization of job skills) and I had the opportunity to work as tutor and professor at Tec de Monterrey Virtual University.

The process of growing consciously is my lifelong passion because I do it through exploring, applying, teaching and learning. I began in computing technology issues in 1986 at highschool then I explored management, informatics, IT & business and holistic education. I found the educational area as my lifelong passion when I experienced e-learning in 1997. Since 2019, I am a fellow of the Catedra UNESCO/ICDE for Open Education Movement in LATAM.