Individual Membership

Open Education Global (OEGlobal) is a global, member-based organization that builds, supports, and advances a community of open education practitioners and their initiatives worldwide. We bring those engaged in open education together to learn from each other and partner on improving and advocating for open education globally.

The individual membership is a new offering. Until 2022, OEGlobal exclusively offered institutional memberships. We are excited to be able to invite open educators to join us!

Open Education Global badge for Individual membership

For individuals not affiliated with an OEGlobal member institution, we offer a way for you to join as a member. OE Global members support our mission to promote, support, and advance open education worldwide.

Other reasons to become an individual member include:

  • Recognition on the OEGlobal website,
  • Access to Members-only areas of OEG Connect, including a separate listing in the “Connectory”,
  • Subscription to OEGlobal’s monthly Member Letters,
  • Advanced registration and member discounts to OEGlobal conferences,
  • Participation in board elections,
  • Eligibility to be a board member,
  • Access to members-only webinars, OEGlobal “office hours,” and professional development sessions,
  • Eligibility to be an OEGlobal Ambassador or Intern, and
  • Be a recipient of a Digital Membership Badge.

Individual Membership Fees

Individual Members pay an annual fee based on a sliding scale from USD 25 – USD 49 (region dependent). Membership fees are due for renewal on the anniversary of approval.

* If you become an Individual Member as part of the OE Week 2023 Special Introductory Offer, the annual Individual Member fee will be invoiced in your second year, one year after your membership is approved (provisionally, March 2024).

How to Apply

Fill in the membership application form. We will ask for your username in our online community space, OEG Connect. If you do not have an account, please create one before completing the application form.

Completing the application is viewed as an expression of interest. Financial obligation kicks in once the invoice is issued.

Do you want to join OEGlobal?

Complete the Individual Membership Application Form

Contact & Questions

If you have any questions about individual memberships, don’t hesitate to contact us at