Institutional Membership

Open Education Global (OEGlobal) is a global, member-based organization that focuses on community building, advancement, and support of open education initiatives around the world. We bring those engaged in open education together to learn from each other and partner on improving and advancing open education work globally.

Over 250 education-focused organizations have joined with OEGlobal since 2012 to collectively support and propel the use of open educational practices and resources around the world.

Badge for OE GLOBAL Members
OE GLOBAL Member Badge

Join us as an Institutional Member

Members directly benefit from joining a rich and diverse global community of open education leaders and practitioners working to improve teaching and learning worldwide.

OE Global’s Organizational Membership is diverse and inclusive of:

  • Primary and secondary (K-12)
  • Community, technical, and vocational colleges
  • Universities
  • Non-accredited education promoting informal
  • Organizations promoting lifelong learning
  • Consortia
  • Open initiatives and special projects
  • Corporate enterprises
  • Non-profits, NGO’s, IGO’s
  • Cultural organizations, and
  • Governments

Among other benefits (read more here), OE Global provides members a forum on OEG Connect to:

  • Partner on projects with other members.
  • Engage in professional development and learn best practices from other members.
  • Collaborate on the development of open education policy and strategy.
  • Network with other members to ask questions, discuss open education issues, and promote open education work.
  • Participate in the governance of OE Global itself. OE Global’s Board of Directors are elected from within the membership. All members get one vote for each open seat in the elections.

Institutional Membership Fees

OE Global’s membership categories and fees are

Primary and secondary (K-12) organizations

Community, technical, and vocational colleges

USD 700 / year


Open initiatives and special projects

Non-profits, NGOs, IGOs

Cultural organizations


USD 900 / year 


USD 900 / year + USD 400 for each consortia member

Corporate enterprises

USD 2,000 / year

How to Apply

New members complete a membership application. Upon approval of the membership application, new members receive an email notification of acceptance and a corresponding electronic invoice. Please note that newly approved applicants only become official OE Global members upon receipt of the annual membership fee payment.

Completion of the application signals only your interest and there is no financial obligation until we contact you with details on payment.

Ready to become an Organizational Member?

Complete the Organizational Membership Application Form

Membership Onboarding and Renewal Process

OE Global members pay an annual (January to December) membership fee based on the applicable category. The fees for a new member are prorated depending on the quarter the membership begins. Membership fee invoices are sent electronically and can be paid via bank transfer, check, or credit card.

Existing members receive an invoice by February for the current year’s membership. Payment is due on receipt. Requests for an extension on the payment due date can be made to our billing department as per the contact information given on the invoice.

Every 2-3 years OE Global reviews and adjusts membership fees. Changes to fees are communicated in advance to existing OE Global members.

Contact & Questions

If you have any questions about individual memberships please contact us at