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Winners of Open Education Awards for Excellence 2022

Open Education Global (OEGlobal) is honored to announce the 2022 winners of the Open Education Awards for Excellence.

The 12-member strong Open Education Awards Committee, comprised of educators and open education advocates from around the world, has reviewed the 89 nominations from across 22 countries.

The sky is shining with open education luminaries from around the world! From Canada to Ukraine, we are celebrating new OER created by students, awesome adaptations of open textbooks and an amazing platform that allows the curation, customization, and remixing of digital bookshelves.  And if that wasn’t enough, wait to be dazzled by the outstanding examples of teamwork, collaboration and solidarity beaming through all the open practices categories —from regional networks helping each other, to opposite continents joining forces to save the world’s forests. Expect to be moved by the resilience of a brave network of librarians determined to continue to support students and teachers even in extreme conditions. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by all of them as much as I am.”

Marcela Morales, OEGlobal Director of Community Relations and OEAwards Liaison

OEGlobal is pleased to congratulate the fifteen Open Education Awards for Excellence winners across 15 categories in 2022. In addition to the usual 13 categories, in 2022 we celebrate the contributions to two special categories: 1) The Open Resilience Award, which recognizes and celebrates efforts to overcome adversity, pivot quickly and thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges or crises, and 2) The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award to foreground efforts focused on creating diverse, inclusive and equitable opportunities in learning environments. 

The 2022 winners are ….


Open Education is a human movement that is only possible due to the work and passion of extraordinary people. Every year, Open Education Global is honored to recognize these individuals in the Open Education Awards for Excellence. The 2022 Open Individual winners are:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Robert Schuwer at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Open Leadership is awarded to Ebba Ossiannilsson at Swedish Association for Open, Flexible and Distance Education, Lund, Sweden
  • Open Educator is awarded to Giovanni Zimotti at The University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA
  • Emerging Open Leader is awarded to Sarah Kresh for her work at CUNY School of Professional Studies, New York, USA
  • The Support Specialist Award goes to Ewan McAndrew for his work at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK


Open assets are digital or printed materials that open education initiatives produce and use to add purpose and value to their education in their sector. Open assets are produced, curated, and distributed in ways that make them freely accessible, usable, and improvable by others. The 2022 Open Assets of excellence in 2022 are:

  • Best OER award goes to Liberated Learners is co-designed and co-created by staff and students at Trent University, Brock University, Seneca College, University of Windsor, McMaster University, Cambrian College, and Nipissing University, Canada
  • Open Curation / Repository is awarded to LibreTexts, a powerful OER curation/repository supported by the University of California-Davis, USA
  • Open Reuse / Remix / Adaptation goes to Open Technical Communication textbook by Tiffani Tijerina, Tamara Powell, Jonathan Arnett, Monique Logan, Cassandra Race, and multiple contributors at Kennesaw State University, USA
  • Open Infrastructure award goes to LibreTexts for the LibreText platform, supported by UCDavis University of California, USA


The Open Practices Awards categories celebrate the collective behaviors and techniques that ensure open access to educational opportunities. These practices promote and support the use of open educational resources, technologies, and social networks to facilitate collaborative and flexible teaching and learning. The Open Practices being celebrated in 2022 are:

  • Open Collaboration is awarded to the European Network of Open Education Librarians created and supported by SPARC Europe, The Netherlands.
  • Open Innovation for the Innovative Sustainable Forest Management Education Online Course at the Asia-Pacific Region: Asia Forest Research Centre, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Open Pedagogy is awarded to the Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap, compiled by Riehman-Murphy and McGeary at Pennsylvania State University, USA.
  • Open Policy Award goes to the OERTX Initiative implemented by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas, USA.


The Open Education Awards for Excellence provides annual recognition for outstanding open education contributions from the Open Education community. Each year, the core categories (individual, assets & practices) remain the same each year. However, the OEAwards are always looking for ways to celebrate new trends and emerging innovation within the Open Education Movement. The Special Awards this year shine the spotlight on:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award goes to OpenLearn’s Race and Ethnicity Hub from the OpenLearn Team at The Open University, UK
  • Open Resilience Award goes to the advocacy work of the Scientific Library to advance Open Education in Ukraine spearheaded by Tetiana Kolesnykova, Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies, Ukraine

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