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OEGlobal 2023 Conference is certified CARBON NEUTRAL

The Open Education Global 2023 conference is a carbon-neutral event. When planning our event, we made conscious choices to keep our emissions low. Open Education Global and Norquest College worked with Explore Edmonton and Ostrom Climate Solutions, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider, to measure our event’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

The Open Education Global 2023 conference offset 679 tonnes – equivalent to the emissions from the event’s operations, such as heating, cooling, and food served, and from all participants’ travel and hotel stays. We have contributed to projects that prevent the equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere. Ostrom Climate’s projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emission reductions are real, additional, and permanent.

We are proud to take action against climate change. Read the full summary report here.

OEGlobal and Norquest Open Education Global Conference 2023 Event Offset Infographic.

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