North Dakota State College of Science, Mildred Johnson Library

The Mildred Johnson Library is an intrinsic department at the North Dakota State College of Science, one of the oldest two-year, comprehensive, residential colleges in the nation. Founded in 1903, the College offers degrees, certificates and diplomas in traditional career and technical studies as well as the liberal arts for a FTE of 2850 students. The Mildred Johnson Library has an annual operating budget of approximately $310,000. This figure includes salaries for two full-time paid staff members, two part-time paid staff members, and 3 part-time paid student workers, the purchase of books and other circulating materials, the licensing of electronic resources, equipment, building maintenance, cataloging and processing supplies, and general office supplies. The library is open six days per week, excluding major holidays, for a total of approximately 2,800 hours per year. The Archives is staffed by one full-time librarian and is open approximately 1,025 hours per year and the collections are also available by appointment during the library’s operating hours. All exhibitions and programs are free and open to the public.
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