Instituto de Educación Abierta (Chile)

From our previous OEG World stop in Switzerland the map now takes us to Santiago, Chile to share the announcement of Instituto de Educación Abierta IEA (Open Education Institute) housed at Universidad Abierta de Recoleta UAR.

El nuevo centro académico busca profundizar la democratización de la educación en nuestro país, para lo cual promoverá la extensión del acceso a este derecho fundamental más allá de la infancia y la juventud, a fin de que las personas y las comunidades cuenten con alternativas formativas a lo largo de todo el ciclo vital.

(The new academic center seeks to deepen the democratization of education in our country, for which it will promote the extension of access to this fundamental right beyond childhood and youth, so that people and communities have training alternatives to throughout the entire life cycle.)


As hoped when starting the Around the OEGlobal World series we heard this news of the IEA from Werner Westermann in a conversation in OEG Connect.

We will kick-off with a couple of initiatives that we have talked before related to K-12 Open Textbooks and off-line OER solutions. Recoleta is a traditional district (municipality) in the big Santiago area, and actually where I was raised, so very proud to give back in a very socio-economic vulnerable context. I’ll get back to you with more exciting news and progress.

The projects Werner mentioned include developed a collection of Mathematics OER aimed at addressing learning lost during the pandemic but also providing learning materials in a format that can be used in locations of limited or no internet access. A second project will develop an open textbook for Secondary students in Citizen Education that will include H5P interactive activities.

What Werner did not say when he shared this news is that the announcement includes that he will be the Director of the IEA! Given Werner’s participation in OEGlobal conferences, Open Education Week, and leading discussions like the Three Day of Focus on Offline OER, we are assured that we will hear more of the “exciting news and progress” about the IEA.

Note as well that Werner was recognized in 2021 with an OE Award for Excellence. You can listen to our podcast conversation with him that provides context about education in Chile and the need for the IEA.

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Featured Image: Screen capture of the Instituto de Educación Abierta web site.