Image by OEGlobal CC-BY

OEGlobal 2023 : Call for Sponsors

The Open Education Global Conference, organized by Open Education Global (OEGlobal) and NorQuest College, invites organizations and institutions involved in Open Education and the broader Open movement to support OEGlobal23.

The Open Education Global Conference will happen this year in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from 16–18 October 2023.

OEGlobal 2023 gives partnering organizations an opportunity to introduce their education-focused service to a diverse audience of innovative education professionals, academics and librarians, pedagogy experts, education technologists, and enthusiasts in open education from around the globe. 

“I met so many participants from all over the world. All of the people were very open to sharing their experiences of their successes and failures with open learning material. The conference has cemented our belief in open educational resources. I hope we can keep in touch with everyone and see what we can achieve together.”

— CEO, Grasple (OEGlobal Milan sponsor)

OE Global Conference is an international gathering of open education innovators. The conference has attracted over 2,800 open educators since 2014. For the 2023 conference, we are expecting more than 300 participants from around the world.

Join us as a sponsor of this premier open education conference under the theme of Building a Sustainable World through Open Education.

This theme explores the multiple ways that open education can support the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and UNESCO’s framework for achieving the SDGs, the five Education for Sustainable Development priority action areas.