OEG Board Views

Open Education is a movement and a philosophy that seeks to eliminate barriers to learning and make education freely accessible to all. What better way to learn how best to navigate and activate open education than through the experiences of those who have contributed considerably to the open education movement?

The “OEG Board View” is a series of experiences, news, or thoughts posted on OEG Connect posted by the OE Global’s Board of Directors. There are now 10 post that offer unique insights into this transformative approach to education. Each post is intended to be discussed, questioned and added to!

  1. How Can We Effectively Spread the Reach of Open Education and Hybrid Learning? by Katsusuke Shigeta
  2. Think about the technology you choose in Open Education by Martin Dougiamas
  3. Tactics and strategies to build institutional capacity for open educational practices by Rajiv Jhangiani
  4. How can OE efforts from faculty, practitioners, and librarians be recognised and incentivised? by Paola Corti
  5. Are OE, AI and commercialization compatible? by Cathy Casserly
  6. OE Competency Framework by Lisa Young
  7. The winner list of the 2023 Taiwan OE awards by Hsu-Tien (Marian) Wan
  8. OEG and the International Council of Distance Education (ICDE) OER Advocacy Committee by Connie Blomgren
  9. Open Futures for Microcredentials by Lena Patterson
  10. A OEG online community “OEG Francophone”: bienvenue! by Perrine de Coëtlogon

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Delve into the series and discuss each experience! What do you want to hear about from the Board?