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OE Week 2024 – 281 global events to celebrate Open Education!

The week of March 4-8 (and before and after!) was the center of the Open Education Week 2024 super nova that spread across the world. All kinds of activities happened in multiple languages and countries to showcase, explore and celebrate Open Education within different communities and institutions. Community activities amounted to 412 contributions to OEWeek24 and open education commons!

During the 12th year of OE Week, there were live discussions, workshops, watch parties, award shows, introductory trainings, deep dives, webinars on policy and textbook creation, photo competitions, how tos, creation events and so much more. Whatever the open education community could imagine, they organised! Many started early from 1st March; other events are still continuing into April!

Thank you Open Education Heroes! We love the enthusiasm and passion for open education that shone through each event and submission (watch some of the events here). OEWeek is a celebration of you and your work!

Cover photo: We Like Sharing 2024 prize winner: ‘Love on a wall’ by Pelerecho is released under CC-BY 2.0

The Numbers: OE Week 2024

You’ve seen the animation above, but here are a few more statistics we’ve gathered for Open Education Week 2024 – there were:

  • 132 freely licensed education resources or assets shared
  • 281 events organised and hosted by
  • 152 organizers in
  • 133 locations and 33 countries in
  • 13 languages!
  • 6,946 participants are estimated to have attended from
  • 135 countries speaking 37 languages.
  • 144 discussions were started in OEG Connect, which received 30,183 views from 3,153 OEG Connect registered users and 27,030 non-registered visitors.
  • 9 OEGlobal Francophone events were hosted live,
  • 4 CCCOER-hosted webinars,
  • 27 events hosted by community colleges (18 CCCOER members)
  • 11 sessions of OE Week LIVE! hosted conversations with 40 open educators in English and Spanish, since watched 743 times by 451 unique viewers. Catch them all here.
  • 2 live OEG Voices sessions were recorded with Jennryn Wetzler and Maha Bali.
  • 1,412 #oeweek24 posts were generated by 767 #oeweekers on the X platform, creating a maximum reach to 3,4 million people.
  • 154 photos entered the We Like Sharing photo contest hosted by TU Delft.

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Relive the OE Week experience

Like all things open education, OEWeek never truly ends! Everything has been recorded and collated for you to access when needed.

View the OEWeek 2024 remixed postcards below!

Reflections from and about Open Education Week contributors

Don’t just take our word for it … the very best aspect of Open Education Week is that it is a week of celebration by open educators for open educators.

“Sask Polytechnic had its most successful OE week… We had over 400 registrations for our 5 events and over 200 live attendees. As well, over 1/3 of our registrations and attendees were from external institutions.  We appreciate the care you took in preparing for the event and in the lively discussions and presentations that took place.”

Donna Thiessen,
Scholarly Communication Librarian / Copyright,
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library

Here are a few articles written by organizations and open educators worldwide!

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OEWeek 2025 is set for March 3-7! Let’s start planning!

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