We have changed our name: Open Education Consortium is now OPEN EDUCATION GLOBAL

We are excited to announce important news regarding the evolution of the Open Education Consortium; we have changed our name to Open Education Global. In communication, we sometimes shorten this to OE Global or use the acronym OEG. Along with this name change, we have a new URL: www.oeglobal.org.

This name change strengthens our role in providing a means for open education initiatives around the world to collaborate and work together. Our biggest value proposition is providing the global perspective on open education and our name change emphasizes that. We welcome open education members, partners, and collaborators from all parts of the globe and across all sectors to join us in making education available to all.

This identity change to Open Education Global includes a complete re-branding of our main web site and associated family of sites including Open Education Week, Open Education Awards for Excellence, the Open Education Global Conference, and our regional node sites in the USA and Latin America. We’re pleased to provide better navigation, improved functionality, and opportunities for more member to member interaction as part of this re-branding.

About the Logo:

The new logo represents global reach, continuous motion, and openness.  The ‘G’ is purposefully in the shape of the globe, representing the networking, platform, and reach of open education. The horizontal blue lines depict movement; continual motion, the ever-changing landscape of open education. The break in the ‘G’ of the globe depicts the unlocked capability of openness in education. 

Press Release: Link | PDF