Karen R. Cangialosi

Director of Membership

Location: Florence, Massachusetts, USA

As a Professor of Biology and a fierce student advocate at Keene State College (New Hampshire, US), Karen served as the open education faculty fellow and open pedagogy learning community leader for many years. She also directed the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) Open Science initiative and eventually gained wide recognition for her leadership in open education, open pedagogy, open science, innovative STEM education, faculty development, and digital pedagogy, across the US and Canada where she is frequently invited to keynote and present workshops. Because she believes that scientific investigation, like education, should be transparent, widely collaborative, and designed to serve the public, she works on and advocates for integrating the principles and practices of Open Science and Open Pedagogy into the undergraduate STEM curriculum broadly. Her article, ‘But you can’t do that in a STEM course!’ attracted broad attention from the STEM education community.

Karen is a co-founder of the RIOS Institute (Institute for Racially Just, Inclusive and Open STEM) which works on networking, partnerships, and projects that are focused at the intersections of Open Education, Open Science, and Social Justice in STEM. She serves as the RIOS Director of Open Education & Open Science.  She also brought a new vision to the 2nd phase of OE Global’s RLOE (Regional Leaders of Open Education) network which brings together higher education leaders from across North America and supports them to build individualized strategic plans for Open Education that align with their existing campus goals to support under-served and underrepresented students. As RLOE program director, she works with an advisory team to re-imagine leadership, shift institutional power to marginalized communities, and promote systemic change for Open Education and Higher Education more broadly.

As the TCI team coordinator for Reefcheck International, she established a coral reef monitoring program in the Turks and Caicos Islands, contributes data to an open international database, and runs a Reef Education program (ecology, conservation, diversity, and marine skills) for young student residents of Providenciales, TCI. Her past research has involved the behavioral ecology of spiders, particularly the evolution of social behavior.  

Contact: karen@oeglobal.org

Twitter: @karencang 

Fediverse: @karencang@mastodon.social