Social & Emotional Well-Being Support Series

Open Education Global (OEG) is providing an open education social & emotional well-being support series. Social support helps buffer the effects of adverse events and stressful life circumstances. The physical isolation and social distance measures required to contain spread of the COVID-19 virus adversely affect our social and emotional well being. To help counter those effects, OEG is initiating a weekly conversation series of hosted and facilitated online convenings to:

  • Provide a peer support network and means of social connection 
  • Counter isolation and social distance
  • Strengthen resilience through social connection 
  • Create an informal social environment for dealing with emotions caused by the pandemic – depression, anxiety, anger, and stress 
  • Discuss new and existing strategies, tools and open education resources people have adopted for enhancing online teaching, sharing, and collaboration
  • Uplift spirits and create a sense of belonging and pride by engaging in open education community work 
  • Collectively learn from and contribute to collaborative open education activities that help with coping and creating a new normal

Join one or both of the scheduled conversations:
**Registration is not required.

Wednesday Conversation, 18-March-2020 at 7 am PT
Figure out what time that is for you here.

Thursday Conversation, 19-March-2020 at 10 pm PT
Figure out what time that is for you here